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Restoring Broken Families

Family Restoration

Family Restoration

Community Restoration

Community Restoration

Generational Restoration

The impact of changed lives

We were founded because of a desire for restoration. More than a decade ago, we were invited into the Louisiana State Prison – commonly known as Angola. The inmates there were hungry for Biblical truth and were looking for tools to grow in their faith. From that initial visit grew what is now known as Lifeline Global.

Lifeline Global Ministries works to restore and equip incarcerated men and women to become godly parents so that the generational cycle of incarceration can be broken. 

We work to teach and shepherd incarcerated women and men into becoming the godly parents they are meant to be – that they can be through the transforming power of the Gospel. We work with prisons and penitentiaries, churches and communities, volunteer groups and individuals to equip, resource, and transform lives.

Our Need Grows

We have reached thousands of incarcerated fathers and mothers, and your generosity has been essential to growing our mission. But even more need our help to repair their relationship with God and with their families.

Friends – your increased commitment will help us overcome the new challenges we are facing – more expenses, economic pressures, and reduced support from grants and other philanthropic resources.  

Please consider a one-time gift today — click here to give now.

Lifeline Global, along with our Program Partners, is making an impact in 35 states and is continually expanding into new regions.

Our programs

The need is real, but restoration is possible

The financial, relational, and societal costs of prison are staggering. The United States spends more than $5.6 billion in inmate-related costs per year, and almost 44% of criminals return before the first year out of prison.

Our mission of restoration happens in four key ways:

Malachi Dads Logo

The Malachi Dads program teaches men to be godly and live up to their responsibilities as a father. Dads are equipped to model and teach their children the spiritual tools they need to live day-to-day. For more about Malachi Dads – including how to download the first video lesson – click here.

Malachi Dads

Mothers are typically the primary caregivers and a stabilizing influence on their children. The women’s program, Hannah’s Gift offers inmate mothers the opportunity to have a spiritual impact on their children’s lives. Click here for more about Hannah’s Gift – including how to download the first video lesson.

Returning Hearts Celebration Logo

The Returning Hearts Celebration is a one-day event at select facilities that allows families to be reunited. It creates space for reconciliation and forgiveness during a day of fun, food, and hearing about God’s love. Volunteers help make this day possible. For more about this event – or to sign up to volunteer – click here.

International Ministry Logo

Restoration is needed all over the world and is coming through the power of the Gospel and the equipping of incarcerated fathers and mothers. We’re pleased to partner with organizations, churches, and ministries throughout the world to offer Malachi Dads, Hannah’s Gift, and Returning Hearts Celebration Events.

International Programs

Change families today

You can help restore broken families. Your financial partnership helps bring these programs to men and women in prison. Be a part of bringing restoration to incarcerated parents, generational change to their children, and positive impact to our communities.


Together, we share stories of the Gospel at work.

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Lifeline Global
Are you keeping up with the latest about LIfeline Global Ministries? Join us in our mission to restore more incarcerated fathers and mothers!Find out all of the new efforts we're embarking upon from our President, Dr. Romney Ruder, witness our restoration stories, and discover how you can help us continue to expand our ministry.Sign up today: lifelineglobal.org/lifeline-connect/.#LifelineGlobal #incarceratedparents #renewal #restoration #parentfromprison #recidivism #HannahsGift #MalachiDads #nonprofit #changedlives ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Lifeline Global
Have you bought your copy of ONLY GOD by our Executive Director, Mike Broyles?In this fascinating book, discover the compelling “origin story” of Mike’s call to help the incarcerated and establish Lifeline Global. Mike was ministering to 9,000 incarcerated men in L.A. County’s four local jails when he met Deputy Sheriff David Bates. They soon found themselves on a plane ride to New Orleans - to visit one of the most notorious prisons in the U.S. – Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as Angola. How did Mike’s visit inspire him and help him continue to answer his call to help incarcerated men and women seek restoration? Buy your copy of ONLY GOD today – all proceeds go to Lifeline Global Ministries: www.amazon.com/dp/1956220801/.#LifelineGlobal #IncarceratedParents #Renewal #Restoration #ParentFromPrison #Recidivism #HannahsGift #MalachiDads #Nonprofit #ChangedLives ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Lifeline Global
We are so grateful for the opportunity to participate in Spirit Week at Mark W. Stiles Prison in Beaumont, Texas! Our President, Dr. Romney Ruder, was honored to join Mike Barber and Mike Barber Ministries in this inspirational revival behind prison walls.Thanks to all with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) team for including us in this blessed event to bring Jesus to those who seek restoration: Senior Warden Chevalier, RDP Director Carter, Senior Chaplain Hazelwood, and TDCJ Board Member Pastor Nate Sprinkle from Calvary Baptist Church Rosenberg in Texas.Praise be to God!Find out more about how you can become a partner to serve more incarcerated men and women: lifelineglobal.org/program-partner/.#LifelineGlobal #incarceratedparents #renewal #restoration #parentfromprison #recidivism #HannahsGift #MalachiDads #nonprofit #changedlives ... See MoreSee Less
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