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2021 RHC Update

- Our Mission and Vision -

To restore and equip incarcerated men and women to become godly parents,
so the generational cycle of incarceration can be broken.


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Returning Hearts

Returning Hearts focuses on creating an environment of reconciliation between inmate parents and their children.

Returning Hearts Celebration is an event that unites children and their fathers and mothers for an unforgettable day of games, food, relationship building and Bible teaching. For one day each year, fathers and mothers can be real parents to their children.

Hannah's Gift

Hannah's Gift teaches incarcerated mothers to foster a healthy relationship with her child.

Most mothers are the primary caregiver of the home and their absence due to incarceration has a great impact on the stability of their children. The life of Hannah and her son as told in 1 Samuel 1-3 serves as a model for this program. Though Hannah did not raise her son in the traditional sense, her role in his life surely shaped the person he became. Despite parenting from a distance, Hannah gave her child a legacy of faith.

Malachi Dads

Malachi Dads where fathers develop community and learn to live up to their biblical responsibility as a father.

Malachi Dads is tackling this epidemic by challenging and teaching Christian men how to grow into godly parents, equipping them to spiritually train their children regardless of their circumstances and intentionally build a legacy of faith in Christ.

Guardian Program

"There are times when we are called to love, expecting nothing in return." - Max Lucado

While Lifeline Global Ministries is caring for incarcerated fathers and mothers, we might ask, "Who is taking care of their children?" We call those caretakers guardians; the wives or husbands, grandparents, uncles or aunts, or even just friends that have stepped up to fill the gap. Individuals that have put their own lives on hold to care for and parent children, not necessarily given to them at birth, as their own.

Support Lifeline Global Ministries

Lifeline Global Ministries is addressing the problem of absent fathers and mothers right at the core — with themselves. Through innovative programs, we are challenging fathers and mothers to be the leaders and nurturers whom God has designed them to be. These programs work hand-in-hand to cast vision and create an opportunity for men and women to build a legacy of faith in Christ through the church and in the community.

Your generous support helps us reach children and their father and or mother around the world by encouraging them to build a legacy of faith in Christ.

Today, Lifeline Global Ministries has Malachi Dads and Hannah’s Gift programs in prisons and jails in 29 states and in prisons in 16 countries.

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