Become a Volunteer Facilitator

Invest your time and talent in bringing restoration

Support Our Mission to Restore More Incarcerated Parents

Thank you so much for your interest in facilitating our Malachi Dads or Hannah’s Gift curriculum at a facility near you.

Our curriculum is utilized by chaplains in prisons and jails across the United States. Chaplains have many responsibilities and will most likely welcome volunteer partners like you who can support their mission of ministering to their inmate population.

Typically, we work with churches, local ministries, and individuals who have a heart for living as a Christian and a calling to serve the least of these. It becomes a mission field close to home.

Working under the guidance of the prison chaplain, you will encounter a life-changing experience for men and women longing to seek restoration with their children. And it will be a life-changing experience for you and your church team as you see the Spirit begin to move and transform hearts.

We would love to help you begin a new program at your chosen institution. Here are some suggested steps to help you through the process of becoming a facilitator.

If you have questions at any time during this process, feel free to contact Lifeline Global President Dr. Romney Ruder at:

Step 1

Determine what type of program you might be interested in facilitating: Malachi Dads for men or Hannah’s Gift for women. If you are unfamiliar with our curriculum, learn more here:

Malachi Dads

Hannah’s Gift

Step 2

Decide whether you would like to facilitate in a jail or prison: i.e. we have 6-week programs designed for county jails. Do you need some Lifeline Global brochures or materials to help you and the facility further understand our work? 

If you have already identified a facility, do you need our assistance with contacting the chaplain? Reach out to Dr. Ruder for assistance.

Step 3

Download and review our Leaders Guide:

Step 4

As an optional resource, obtain and review “EQUIP LEADERS” here:

Step 5

Ask family and friends to become facilitators with you.

Step 6

Our Lifeline Global curriculum is a tool that can be added to the ministry of either a local prison ministry or a local church. We encourage our volunteers to partner with either of these. You may even be the visionary to engage your church in ministering to the least of these! You can go as a team of volunteers to rotate teaching opportunities or cover for someone’s absence. 

Contact your Pastor/Program Pastor/Missions Director to see if our ministries might be something others in your church might want to participate in. Ask for their prayers as well!

Returning Hearts attendees

Step 7

Contact the chaplain or the director of programs for the facility where you wish to volunteer. Introduce yourself and explain what you would like to do.

Step 8

Your contact at the institution can ensure that you have applied for the appropriate security paperwork to gain access to the facility. 

Also, work with this person to determine the day of the week and time you will meet with the facility. A best practice is to find space and time for a 2-hour block per week to facilitate inmates.

Step 9

Ask your facility contact to hang a flyer or provide an announcement for program sign-up four weeks before the first class.

Step 10

Remember, contact Lifeline Global President Dr. Romney Ruder at with any questions that may arise. Please be sure to convey the facility where you are volunteering and the number of students in your class. 

We will provide you with any additional materials needed and set a time to meet with you virtually to ensure you have everything you need and are ready to start.

If you are wondering about our international ministry efforts, please note the following. Through an established partnership agreement with us, Lifeline Global curriculum is used by U.S.-based ministries in over 15 countries. This allows them to facilitate the use of our materials to help expand their own ministry outreach. For more information about using Malachi Dads or Hannah’s Gift curriculum in a country beyond the United States, please contact Dr. Ruder.

Happy Malachi Dad reuniting with his children

I’ll just tell you, it was life-changing for me. It became real to me. It’s so easy to see the incarcerated as someone flat on TV screens. But they are not flat. They are people that were created in the image of God and they bear that image and the Father paid one Jesus Christ for them.