Change Families, Give Today


Friends,  During advent, I love the imagery Isaiah uses when prophesizing about the coming of the Savior: Immanuel. His picture speaks to a barren land where there was once a thriving forest. Yet out of the stump springs a new shoot from the root of Jesse. God kept His promises to restore His people.

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Returning Hearts Celebration Success in Mississippi


Friends, I give praise and thanksgiving to Christ for the opportunity to have redemption through His sacrifice! For the first time in the history of Lifeline Global Ministries, we hosted a Returning Hearts Celebration (RHC) in the state of Mississippi at Parchman Prison, and due to the wonderful planning and support of volunteers from around

Returning Hearts Celebration Success in Mississippi2023-01-03T19:16:57-06:00

A Second Chance


Friends, It never fails. At the closing of Project Mañana International’s Returning Hearts Celebration in the Dominican Republic, a little boy of probably five or six was having a hard time saying goodbye. It was a complete turnaround from earlier when the same boy approached a man he hardly knew with apprehension. Yet after

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Transform and Restore Lives through Hannah’s Gift


Friends, My attention was caught recently by an intriguing title from a formerly-incarcerated author. "Paganism on Parole" by Awyn Dawn is the story of a deepening faith as the result of incarceration. Sadly, it is the story of a deepening faith in a version of Wiccan. The religious group that reached her behind the

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Increasing ministry opportunity


Friends, Well, I do not want to get ahead of ourselves and say that our schedule is the same as pre-Covid, but we are certainly excited about all the activity that is taking place. While many of our Program Partners remain on the sidelines for a variety of reasons, some partners are using this

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Parental training context and studies


Friends, We make it no secret that our programs at Lifeline Global are intentionally Christian-based. Our Malachi Dads curriculum was developed around the verse of Malachi 4:6, and our Hannah’s Gift program is rooted in the Biblical story of Hannah. It is evident that God paints a clear picture in scripture of how a

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Lifeline Global Ministries: Opportunities after COVID


In the next few weeks, Lifeline will be re-engaging with the state of Oklahoma, for a rollout of our Malachi Dads and Hannah's Gift curriculum. Our initial start had been postponed in 2021 due to Covid protocols. The chaplain’s staff has now given the green light that they are ready to renew state-wide programs

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Mid-Year Check-In on 22K in 2022 Goal


Dear Friends, After coming off of a record year of enrollment of students, we set a Big Hairy Audacious Goal for 2022 to reach 22,000. Hopefully, you have been made aware of this goal by our hype around “Reaching 22,000 in the year 2022” in much of our promotional efforts. To reach this goal

Mid-Year Check-In on 22K in 2022 Goal2022-06-27T12:48:07-05:00

Malachi Dad Graduation LIVE at High Desert Prison


Today we had the opportunity to conduct a graduation ceremony for Malachi Dads at High Desert Prison.

Malachi Dad Graduation LIVE at High Desert Prison2022-03-31T15:53:44-05:00

Living into the Kingdom Story


What storyline are we a part of? This Lent, I have benefited significantly from the writings and teachings of others.

Living into the Kingdom Story2022-04-07T20:18:05-05:00
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