Hannah's Gift:

The Heart Of A Mother

These teaching videos are being produced to "go into the prisons" where, due to the pandemic, Lifeline volunteers or partners cannot go.

The first book of the Hannah's Gift curriculum, Heart Of A Mother is now available as a downloadable series of 10 video lessons. It is available for free, but we do ask that you register your use of it with us via the form on the player, below. If you or your jail/prison ministry workers cannot go into the prisons yet, talk to your corrections leadership about digital delivery. Download instructions are below the player window.

The Vision Behind Hannah's Gift

The author of Hannah's Gift, Dr. Kristi Miller Anderson speaks directly to incarcerated mothers and shares her heart and vision for the Hannah's Gift series.

Most mothers are the primary caregiver of the home and their absence due to incarceration has a great impact on the stability of their children. The life of Hannah and her son as told in 1 Samuel 1-3 serves as a model for this program. Though Hannah did not raise her son in the traditional sense, her role in his life surely shaped the person he became. Despite parenting from a distance, Hannah gave her child a legacy of faith.

In 2012, Hannah's Gift was launched at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women to provide ministry geared toward incarcerated mothers and how to foster a healthy relationship with her child.

Similar to Lifeline Global Ministries' Malachi Dads, Hannah's Gift is becoming a thriving ministry bearing much fruit in the lives of incarcerated moms and their children.

Lesson 1-Getting Started

Each mom needs to examine herself and understand her own need for a Savior. She must first examine her own transformation in order to be an agent of change for her children.

Lesson 2-Hannah's World

The participant will learn about Hannah's culture and then make application by doing an inventory of her own environment of origin.

Lesson 3-Hannah the Woman

Hannah rose above her circumstances and became a wide and godly woman. Each inmate mom will earn to apply these truths to their own circumstances.

Lesson 4-Hannah's Initiative

In a world where women had few rights, Hannah stood boldly as a woman of God. Participants will be encouraged to learn how to do the same, despite what the world may say or think.

Lesson 5-Hannah's Sacrifice

Hannah understood that in God's economy, sacrifice and selflessness yield life and hope. Participants will learn how prayer plays a role in this.

THE VIDEO PLAYLIST: The ten Heart Of A Mother lessons are embedded in the playlist, below. We are asking for your name and email address only for the first video so as to know where our curriculum videos are being used. Your information will always stay with us.

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Note: Typically, videos need to be downloaded from a desktop computer as tablets generally do not download videos without special apps. You can then copy the video files to another device, or to a flash/thumb drive to take into prison for viewing.

"Hannah’s Gift is a powerful study for women who are incarcerated. It takes the ladies through the journey of Hannah’s life, written in 1 Samuel. It is easy to follow and easy to teach. The ladies spend time with one another discussing their sorrows, building relationships and learning new ways to mother their children from behind bars while growing in their knowledge and understanding of God." - Leah Howard, Outreach Director, Living Word Church

Lesson 6-Hannah's Prayer

Hannah prayed with expectations of triumph even in her darkest days. Participants will learn, through Hannah's walk of obedience that they, too, can enjoy that same sense of peace and experience in a life well-lived, even where they are.

Lesson 7-Samuel's World

Hannah instilled spiritual values in Samuel that withstood the negative environment in which he was reared. Participants will learn how these values can be applied in the environments in which their children reside.

Lesson 8-Hannah's Gift

Though she was not there to rear Samuel on a daily basis, Hannah stayed active in Samuel's life. Participants will learn creative ways to establish similar "milestones" that can help bond them with their children, even from prison. 

Lesson 9-Hannah's Gift, Continued

In this continuation of Lesson 8, incarcerated moms are encouraged to create mementos for their children that will help them understand their mother's own walk with the Lord, just as Hannah did.

Lesson 10-Samuel

God had even a much bigger plan for Samuel than even Hannah realized. In this final lesson, incarcerated mothers will learn to see the spiritual potential in each of their children and how God can use them in ways they never imagined.