Mike & Debbie Broyles Endowment for Incarcerated Families

Mike Broyles has given four decades of Kingdom commitment to serving the broken, hurting, and forgotten people in our society. He is a disciple-maker and along with his wife, Debbie have a passion for getting the Gospel into incarcerated men and women and their families, around the world. We are amazed by their tireless efforts. To honor their commitment to the incarcerated and to see continued growth around the globe, Lifeline has created The Mike and Debbie Broyles Endowment for Incarcerated Families.

Through this endowment fund, Lifeline Global will be able to launch up to 16 new Malachi Dad and Hannah’s Gift sites annually. Lifeline Global Executive Director Mike Broyles and his wife Debbie, have devoted a lifetime to ministering those behind bars. What better way to thank them for their service than to help ensure that their work continues into the next generation?

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