Family Restoration

The Lifeline programs are now being produced to "go into the prisons" where, due to the pandemic, Lifeline volunteers or partners cannot go.

Family Restoration is available as a downloadable series of 10 video lessons. It is available for free, but we do ask that you register your use of it with us via the form on the player, below. If you or your jail/prison ministry workers cannot go into the prisons yet, talk to your corrections leadership about digital delivery. Download instructions are below the player window.

An Insider Speaks About Ministry in Prison

Leah Howard spent 4 years in the Dayton (OH) Correctional Institute for Women, and now leads her church's outreach ministry there. Here's her story.

Lesson 1-Introduction

Jeremiah worked tirelessly in the hope that he could lead his people out of their messed-up thinking and back to a healthy standing with God. Now it's your turn.

Lesson 2-Captivity

Captive and broken in Babylon. Jeremiah proclaims that God is not done with them and has not discarded them. It’s not over, and all is not lost . There is always hope of redemption!

Lesson 3-Healthy Communication

As a prophet, Jeremiah spoke the words of God to the people of Judah. You, too, have a role in sharing truth with the people around you — including the members of your family .

Lesson 4-Submit to Authority

The people of Judah had rejected God’s blessings and instead responded with rebellion. Rebellion against God is always a bad idea .

Lesson 5-Healing Wounds

All of us carry wounds of our own. Unlike the people of Judah, we must be honest about the seriousness of our wounds and allow God to heal us all the way through.

THE VIDEO PLAYLIST: The ten Family Restoration lessons are embedded in the playlist, below. We are asking for your name and email address only for the first video so as to know where our curriculum videos are being used. Your information will always stay with us.

TO DOWNLOAD a video lesson, once the video appears, you will see the Vimeo logo (our video hosting site) to the right of the video play bar. Click on the Vimeo logo and it will take you to the download page for that video. All videos are in the MP4 video format, HD quality.

Note: Typically, videos need to be downloaded from a desktop computer as tablets generally do not download videos without special apps. You can then copy the video files to another device, or to a flash/thumb drive to take into prison for viewing.

"Hannah’s Gift and Family Restoration are so easy to teach, so simple yet deep and relationship-building. Everything you need to know is in the books. Every single thing. Every lesson is mapped out for the days that you go in. It is the easiest curriculum to follow.

Our Hannah’s Gift and Family Restoration mentors have talked about how their lives have been changed. They tell the ladies that are in prison that they came to change the incarcerated people’s lives. But in reality, the incarcerated has changed the mentors’ lives." - Leah Howard, Outreach Director, Living Word Church

Lesson 6-Peace in the Home

The people of Jeremiah’s day wanted peace. But God had something else in mind. Healthy families realize that peace cannot be manufactured or faked. Real peace comes from God.

Lesson 7-Toxic Families

Everyone needs people they can trust — even prophets who share God’s truth. Yet Jeremiah needed rescuing from the very people he should have been able to trust most. We must recognize the toxic people in our lives.

Lesson 8-Family Shepherds

Like the shepherds of Judah, fathers today are called to shepherd their families. They are responsible and will give an account to God for the spiritual condition of their family members.

Lesson 9-Weeping Mothers

Jeremiah uses the comparison of weeping mothers to show grief for the ones taken into captivity. The children represent the ones living in exile. The Lord tells Jeremiah that work done through the suffering would be rewarded.

Lesson 10-Promise of Restoration

Israel had broken their covenant with God, but God remained faithful to them. This new covenant is now available to us through Jesus Christ. He made a way for us to  experience healthy restoration with our families and others.