Your dedication to our incarcerated mothers, fathers, and their families has helped us reach more than 1 million lives!

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Our ministry creates a wide-reaching effect. It breaks the bonds of generational incarceration, forever changing the trajectory of the families impacted.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics recently reported a 2% increase in prison populations in the U.S. The Prison Policy Initiative states America will spend $182 billion this year to lock up almost 1% of its overall population.

When you Give to Grow, you allow us to expand our exposure and make our curriculum more accessible.

Incarcerated father praying

The Pando App Partnership

It specializes in tablet/e-reader usage, so more incarcerated parents access our Malachi Dads videos for free – even when in lockdown.

Hopeful incarcerated dad

Spanish Translation of Curriculum Videos

Many know English as a Second Language (ESL). We have begun dubbing our Malachi Dads videos into Spanish. It’s a complex process, and we hope to complete this project later this summer.

Our Program Growth

The Romanian government has asked us to expand there. Our partners in East Africa and our friends in Sierra Leone want to discuss new opportunities. Here in the U.S., we look to expand in Nebraska and Iowa.

Malachi Dads helps us to develop our relationship with our kids since we are in prison. A lot of us here have just lost that relationship, so it helps us to develop the skills to reconnect with our kids.

Malachi Dad

I have been shown through this program that there are no boundaries in the love that God has for us or limitations in the ways He chooses to use us. This would include being a father to my children while incarcerated. I also give all the glory to God.

Malachi Dad

Malachi Dads has brought me back…my spirit has been thirsting…in order to live an effective, godly life. It is bringing us all together with a sense of accountability and community to allow iron to sharpen iron, and we now have the privilege of watching each other grow.

Malachi Dad


These amazing and timely developments are much-needed and pivotal. Please help us successfully address these needs and donate to our $50,000 Summer Fundraising Campaign.

Help more incarcerated parents restore their relationships with their families, spiritually reunite with them, and break the cycle of incarceration!

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