Malachi Dads:

The Heart Of A Father

These teaching videos are being produced to "go into the prisons" where, due to the pandemic, Lifeline volunteers or partners cannot go.

The first book of the Malachi Dads curriculum, Heart Of A Father is now available as a downloadable series of 12 video lessons. It is available for free, but we do ask that you register your use of it with us via the form on the player, below. If you or your jail/prison ministry workers cannot go into the prisons yet, talk to your corrections leadership about digital delivery. Download instructions are below the player window.

Revised printed copies will be available soon.

A Message to Chaplains, Ministry and Corrections Leadership

Mike Broyles,  Executive Director of Lifeline Global, shares a message of interest to Chaplains and Corrections leadership on the impact the Malachi Dad curriculum can have at your facility and how we can help.

Lesson 1-Creation

Where it all starts, God is the creator and ruler of all things. People are God’s creations who are made in His image and made to worship Him. This also means we are personal beings, like God, so we can have a relationship with Him.

Lesson 2-Sin

Here are the objectives you’ll be discussing in Lesson 2: Determine a definition of sin. Examine the cause and consequences of our sin and identify Satan’s strategy for attacking our weakness so that we will be ready when the attack comes.

Lesson 3-Salvation

To understand God’s provision for our forgiveness through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurrection.

Lesson 4-Christian Living, Part I

When we make a commitment to Christ, God acts to transform us. He gives us a new heart, making us spiritually alive. We are new creations. We need to begin to walk in the power of the Spirit.

THE VIDEO PLAYLIST: The twelve Heart Of A Father lessons are embedded in the playlist, below. We are asking for your name and email address only for the first video so as to know where our curriculum videos are being used. Your information will always stay with us.

TO DOWNLOAD a video lesson, once the video appears, you will see the Vimeo logo (our video hosting site) to the right of the video play bar. Click on the Vimeo logo and it will take you to the download page for that video. All videos are in the MP4 video format, HD quality.

Note: Typically, videos need to be downloaded from a desktop computer as tablets generally do not download videos without special apps. You can then copy the video files to another device, or to a flash/thumb drive to take into prison for viewing.

"Finding new ways to serve inmates during this pandemic has been challenging, but thanks be to God, we have been able to pivot our ministry and focus on creating new video content. It’s a privilege for Prisoners For Christ to partner with Lifeline Global to distribute the Malachi Dads video series to the twelve state prisons in Washington State, with the potential of reaching over 15K inmates." - Mike North, Vice President of Communications

Lesson 5-Christian Living, Part 2

Where it all starts, God is the creator and ruler of all things. We are God’s creation and  made in His image and made to worship Him. As personal beings, we can have a relationship with Him.

Lesson 9-Fathering, Part 2

Here are the key topics we covered during our last meeting: A godly husband and father must fear the Lord. A godly family environment is a place of respect, safety and teaching. Fathers should not provoke their children or lash out in anger.

Lesson 6-Marriage, Part 1

Here are the key objectives for Lesson 6 • Identify the origin of marriage. • Explore the problems sin caused for marriage. • Understand the biblical reasons for marriage. • Marriage is meant to be a lasting covenant.

Lesson 10-Fathering, Part 3

Objectives: Define the general objective for godly training: to love God and love people. Learn how to use the Bible to teach children about sex. Read suggested verses for pride, drinking, honesty, money, and anger.

Lesson 7-Marriage, Part 2

Here are the objectives for discussion this week: • Explore what it means to be a godly husband. • Review the husband’s role in a godly marriage. • Discuss the role of sex in a healthy marriage relationship.

Lesson 11-Inmate Challenge

Explore what it means to live as a godly man while incarcerated, told by three lifers at Louisiana State Prison, aka Angola.

Lesson 8-Fathering, Part 1

Here are the key objectives for discussion this week: Clarify the relationship between fathers and children. Identify the characteristics of a godly family environment. Explore a warning to fathers.

Lesson 12-The Heart

To show the relationship between behavior and the heart—the inner man. Reinforce the importance of godly counsel, friends, and choices. Demonstrate the consequences of choices.

Here's a dad who LOVES being a Malachi Dad! Watch...90 sec.