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Awana Lifeline is now Lifeline Global Ministries

In 2016, Awana began the journey of launching their ministry subsidiaries into full independence. As difficult as these transitions are, the motivation behind them is for Awana to focus on their core ministry and mission as it relates to their capacity, resources, energy, faithfulness and passion. As leaders, managers and stewards, they aim to continue the rich heritage and legacy for future generations of child disciple-makers.

Awana Lifeline is one of the four subsidiaries of Awana. As an independent ministry, we want to continue the passion that Art Rorheim had for reaching the children of the incarcerated…by reaching their parents! And we will do that through Lifeline Global.

That is what Malachi Dads, Hannah’s Gift and the Returning Hearts Celebration are all about. It’s our core mission and vision: “To restore and equip incarcerated men and women, to become godly parents, so that the generational cycle of incarceration can be broken.”

We invite you to look through our new website and see how God is working through our various program ministries.

One thing that is not changing…our commitment to the incarcerated men and women we serve. As one Angola inmate expressed; “There are a lot of ministries that come to Angola, but ya’ll at Lifeline, you keep coming back! We appreciate that!”

This website is also our new donor gateway. Your continued support will help us continue our ministry to incarcerated moms and dads without interruption. Thank you.