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Returning Hearts Celebration a Huge Success!

The 2019 Returning Hearts Celebration was a huge success. Held at Angola Prison in Louisiana, nearly 400 children spent the day with their incarcerated fathers.  Many of the guardians are grandparents who brought their grandchildren. “They’re excited to see their daddy!” was a refrain we heard over and over.

“I’m going to give him a hug and a kiss,” said one six-year-old. His father had only seen him once since he was a baby. Another inmate father of a young seven-year-old expressed his thanks and said: “We’re going to do this every year until we can’t do it anymore.”

Dads prayed with their kids. Ron, who has spent half his life at Angola, said it was “a blessing to impart the seed of the gospel into his kids’ lives” (and now his grandkids). That’s what Ron and other Malachi Dads have learned to do and value this day as an opportunity to do that face-to-face. Another inmate said that if he had to, he would trade all his regular visits throughout the year with his daughter for just this one day!

So thank you to all of the 484 volunteers and you who partnered with us financially and through prayer, to make this day a truly wonderful day. Please watch the highlight video, below. You’ll be glad you did!


New Book

We are excited to announce the release of Dr. Kristi Millers’ new book Beautiful Woman, the most recent addition to the Hannah’s Gift series.

Written from the context of Dr. Miller’s deep involvement in the lives of incarcerated women, both as a chaplain and later, an Assistant Warden, she has earned a high level of respect by the women of LCIW (Louisiana Correctional Institution for Women).

The first two books, Hannah’s Gift and Family Restoration, address the issue of pain specific to a mother’s incarceration and gives guidance to overcome the trauma the family has experienced and provides hope that a full restoration is possible.

This latest book, Beautiful Woman, identifies key struggles that trip women up and cause them to forfeit their happiness and joy. These common rules of life employed by women, which typically lead to chaos and defeat, is what Kristi saw as the number one setback for women reentering society after a prison sentence.

The 10 lessons are designed to help women find their place as Beautiful Women in this world and stand strongly and confidently in their space. These principles are not just for incarcerated women but for any woman who has experienced family trauma.

The Hannah’s Gift series is published by Lifeline Global Ministries and is taught in jails and prisons throughout the country and in 9 foreign countries.

Beautiful Women can be ordered on Amazon via the Lifeline Global website,

Beautiful Woman-444x444 PNG

Awana Lifeline is now Lifeline Global Ministries

In 2016, Awana began the journey of launching their ministry subsidiaries into full independence. As difficult as these transitions are, the motivation behind them is for Awana to focus on their core ministry and mission as it relates to their capacity, resources, energy, faithfulness and passion. As leaders, managers and stewards, they aim to continue the rich heritage and legacy for future generations of child disciple-makers.

Awana Lifeline is one of the four subsidiaries of Awana. As an independent ministry, we want to continue the passion that Art Rorheim had for reaching the children of the incarcerated…by reaching their parents! And we will do that through Lifeline Global.

That is what Malachi Dads, Hannah’s Gift and the Returning Hearts Celebration are all about. It’s our core mission and vision: “To restore and equip incarcerated men and women, to become godly parents, so that the generational cycle of incarceration can be broken.”

We invite you to look through our new website and see how God is working through our various program ministries.

One thing that is not changing…our commitment to the incarcerated men and women we serve. As one Angola inmate expressed; “There are a lot of ministries that come to Angola, but ya’ll at Lifeline, you keep coming back! We appreciate that!”

This website is also our new donor gateway. Your continued support will help us continue our ministry to incarcerated moms and dads without interruption. Thank you.