I believe in the work of LGM because it impacted me as an incarcerated individual, as a prison ministry leader, and now as a board member. Hannah’s Gift was the last study I did independently within a month of leaving the prison. Seven months after my release, I was asked to start a Hannah’s Gift study in the very prison I had been incarcerated, and seven years later, I was asked to be on the Board of Directors.

During my incarceration, I promised to serve the Lord for the rest of my life and to go back into prisons and serve those I had left behind. The Lord connected me with Lifeline Global, and I was asked to start the Hannah’s Gift prison ministry. I had never started a prison ministry before, but I had made a vow to the Lord. The staff at Lifeline Global walked beside me as I started the ministry and even came to events and graduations.

I was the leader of the prison ministry for six years before leaving the state. We had hundreds of ladies go through Hannah’s Gift and Family Restoration. The curriculum is easy to use and understand, and the ladies were transformed through the curriculum, their relationship with the mentors, and of course, the love of Christ. They learned the importance of staying connected to Christ, living for Christ, reconnecting with their children, and becoming the mothers that the Lord had created them to be.

Lifeline Global Ministries board member Leah Howard

It is powerful to watch the ladies go from walking in shame and unforgiveness and avoiding their children for these reasons and then see them walk in freedom and peace with their children and watching them teach their children to do the same.

LGM is a powerful ministry that not only changes the lives of the incarcerated but generations to come by stopping the cycle of incarceration through establishing healthy relationships between parents and their children through the principles and love of Christ.

Leah Howard, Lifeline Global Board Member