By Jeff Steele

John Reed and I were excited when we were finally allowed to restart our ministry at North Jail after a ten-month absence because of the pandemic. We were given permission to restart Malachi Dads and our TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute).  

Because TUMI is a theology course, all the guys had to fill out applications and John and I interviewed them.  The interviews are always interesting.  We ask two questions: “How did you become a Christian?” and “Tell me the gospel?”  This helps us get a glimpse of where the guys are at spiritually.  

As Joe (not his real name) and I talked, it became clear that he was eager to learn more about Christianity, but that he was not a follower of Jesus. I carefully explained the gospel and asked him if he had ever surrendered his life to Christ.  He had not, but said he would like to.  So I had the privilege of praying with Joe as he committed his life to Christ. Since then he has been at Malachi Dads and TUMI and is eager to grow in his newfound faith.  

Malachi Dads gift
File Photo: Malachi Dads Graduation at Angola Prison

John and I have found over the years that if the men can’t explain how they became a follower of Christ and they can’t explain the gospel, they probably aren’t Christians. This allows us to share the gospel clearly and often leads to a decision for Christ.  Pray for Joe as he grows in his newfound faith. Pray that he faithfully attends Malachi Dads and TUMI.  Joe’s transformed life was a great way to restart our programs inside LA County jail.

-Jeff Steele, Lifeline staff

(Appeared in the Spring 2021 Lifeline Global Newsletter)