When Lifeline first began reaching beyond our U.S. borders, we had no idea how the curriculum would be received. The first international Returning Hearts Celebration was looked upon with utter amazement. Prison officials saw how, under their new model of corrections reform, the Malachi Dads program was having a real impact on men desiring to take steps toward restoration with their children, and this one-day family event demonstrated how important rekindling those bonds were.

Then word got around, and before we knew it, Costa Rica was interested. And Cuba! International prison ministries also heard about the impact of the program, and now we have program partners in nearly twenty countries! Here is a sampling of some of the book covers in various languages. 

To date, via our ministry partners, Lifeline Global curriculum is being used in: Zambia (English, Bemba, Nyanja) , Kenya (English, Swahili), Rwanda (Nyarwanda), Malawi (Chichewa), Burundi (Kirundi-in process), Sierra Leone (English), Zimbabwe (English), Uganda (Kirundi), South Africa (English), Dominican Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica (Spanish), India (Telugu-in process), New Zealand (English), Romania (Romanian), and Moldova (Romanian).