We are getting back to a new normal with new opportunities!

After more than two years of having the L.A. County Women’s facility closed to outside programming, we have finally been able to restart the Hannah’s Gift Bible study.

Jeff Steele and I were able to meet with the teaching team outside of the facility during an early Saturday morning meeting. It was such a blessing to meet the ladies and start our class again.

For the volunteer women who lead this class, it was a long-awaited answer to prayer. Their excitement to start up again and to build new relationships was high!

After getting into the building and arriving without any issues, we found ourselves in the classroom. We set up, checked in to have the students released to attend class, and then we waited.

A line of women came in with smiles and lots of energy! These women were just as excited as we were.

As the women shared, we heard many testimonies of hope and thanksgiving for the restart of Hannah’s Gift. We could see that the Lord had gone before us and had prepared these women’s hearts for this class.

One testimony really hit me that I would like to share.

This lady shared how she had previously attended Hannah’s Gift before COVID, and at that time she was pregnant. She really didn’t like the class and thought that it wasn’t for her. After a couple of weeks, she dropped out. During the COVID lockdowns, she delivered her baby son and was reborn herself.

She became a Christian and began to grow in her faith. As soon as she heard that Hannah’s Gift was returning, she made sure to be one of the first ones to register for the class.

Now, she is looking forward to learning and working through the class. She now has a hunger for the things of the Lord and is looking forward to being reunited with her son and teaching him how to love God.

Praise the Lord!
John Reed
Calfornia State Director

Hannah's Gift hands
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