“We could teach the Program Malachi Dads to only some inmates in the prisons (due to Covid restrictions), so now, we are reaching out to the family members of the prisoners, as well as a limited number of inmates.”

So begins a report from our ministry partners in Cuba. 

They cannot get into the prisons, so some chaplains are supervising the inmate leaders by phone who have had Malachi Dads. In turn, they are then teaching within the prisons where chaplains cannot get in.

To God´s glory, the Malachi Dads program is still in the prisons through already graduated inmates who are teaching other inmates.  Other chaplains teach Malachi Dads to prisoners´ families at their homes who, in turn, teach them by letters or by phone. 

The loved ones of these families are murderers, prostitutes, drug dealers and armed robbers. Why do we say this? Because many of these families broke their relationships with the inmates due to the deep hurts caused by their actions. 

But today, through the teaching of Malachi Dads, these family members have understood the need to reconcile with their loved ones and have decided to start assisting them in prison. 

Lifeline curriculum materials going into Cuban homes.

The report concludes by saying how amazing it is as these families testify that they have realized how their lives have been without God and how they can find Him now and are able to lead the whole family to an encounter with Him.
Please remember, this is Cuba. They have had a great deal of health and financial issues and with your prayer and financial help, God is using each of you to further His Kingdom in this dark place. It is amazing. Only God!