My name is Vlad* and I was a young man when I came into this country [from an Eastern-European block country]. I made some horrible decisions that landed me in prison with a life sentence. After a few years, as God began to work in my life I came across a program called Malachi Dads. And I signed up for it because it was a program based on scripture…changing your life through the word of God. And I had seen the power of God through salvation earlier in my incarceration. 

After I graduated from Malachi Dads, I became a facilitator of the program. It was very rewarding in a sense that it taught me many principles that I need to apply in my life not just as a man of God but hopefully in becoming a dad one day. 

The Lord Jesus saved me during the darkest time of my life in prison.

The Lord Jesus saved me during the darkest time of my life in prison, and He really gave me hope and freedom even in prison. I was released seven months ago. I knew how to be a Christian in prison but I’ve never been a Christian outside of prison! 

I’m still trying to get my footing as to how to live this Christian life because going from 25 years of routine, to living a life that is really new is challenging. But God has been so faithful to me.

I turned to God because I learned to lean on Him in all situations. He is a very present help in times of need. Through programs like Malachi Dads, I was able to let go of a lot of issues like anger…and other issues that I had to deal with for years. I was able to overcome them through studying God’s word and now [that I’m free], through being a part of a fellowship of believers that encourages one another and keeps each other accountable. Being able to share my story with them, that has been very rewarding. 

* A pseudonym to protect his identity, (as some of his former gang members are still trying to seek revenge.)