By John Reed

California City

We are excited to report that in-person teams are now able to go into the California City Correctional Center, located about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. There are currently two classes of Malachi Dads with several men on a waiting list. With the COVID restrictions we are limited to a class of 10 men per class, but still, they are SO thankful to have in-person classes.

California Medical Facility

Recently Lifeline Executive Director, Mike Broyles and I, had the privilege of attending the first ever Malachi Dads graduation at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville California, northeast of San Francisco. These men learned from the Malachi Dads video series that has been streamed through the state-wide California Prison network system. Several of the men approached the facility chaplains requesting certificates for completing the class. 

Over twenty men graduated and another fifteen came to watch the ceremony. We had a great time of worship together, with several men sharing testimonies about the value of the Malachi Dads class. 

Mike and I gave the men a message of encouragement and many of them asked when we would return. Overall God was so good in connecting us with the men at this facility.


Folsom Prison

The next day we drove over to the Folsom State Prison. The history of Folsom was very evident when we arrived. This hundred year plus facility has housed several of California’s hardest convicted criminals, but Mike and I found that God was also clearly at work in this place. 

We were escorted to the prison chapel to meet with a team of inmate leaders, men preparing to start in-person Malachi Dad classes. These guys are well equipped to be the leaders of Malachi Dads. They have a love for God’s word and a passion to help others. The classes would be in good hands with these men. This is what Lifeline is all about. Equipping.

I can’t wait to hear how these classes go as we hope to hear back from them in February when  classes are completed and they have their graduation. 

We are excited about more and more men being able to meet, in-person now for Malachi Dads. Not every prison yet in California, but it’s beginning.