Hi Praying Friends,

This week, November 8, two Malachi Dads in Angola Prison, men who were on the original leadership team and organized the first classes, may be released. A parole board hearing will review their cases to make a determination.

These men have served time for 25 years, and one was given a life sentence at the age of 16. But about 5 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that a minor could not be given a life sentence.

These godly men are also graduates of the seminary and are pastors. As inmate leaders, their testimonies of godly character and lifestyle have been evident for years at Angola.

Sharon, our Lifeline staff member in Louisiana and other friends of Lifeline will be at the hearing. Please pray for these two men and for God’s will to be done.

When we’ve heard for years that 90 percent of the men at Angola will die there, I never thought I would be writing a note about our Malachi Dads getting out.


I am grateful for your prayers and support because we cannot do this work without you! Don’t forget, November 8.

Grace to you,
Mike Broyles
Executive Director