A 17-year-old girl fearfully met her dad for the first time. She had a wonderful time!
Dads and kids raced each other in the bounce house obstacle course.
Laughs and giggles were heard all over the place, and tears of joy were seen on many faces.
These were just a few of the numerous blessed sights and sounds we heard during October’s joyous Returning Hearts Celebration, held for the first time ever at Parchman Prison in Mississippi. The rain did not dampen our spirits but rather was a fitting background of renewal and restoration for 14 families and 22 children who each reunited with their Malachi Dad.
“What a historic event to launch the first Returning Hearts Celebration in the state of Mississippi,” said Dr. Romney Ruder, President of Lifeline Global Ministries. “With God’s grace, we pray that what has started in Parchman will grow to be used statewide. Please be praying for the growth of Malachi Dad’s and Hannah’s Gift in this facility and the state,” said Dr. Ruder.
Join us in prayer over these Malachi Dads — that they continue to repair their relationship with their children as God has called them and to intentionally build a legacy of faith in Christ!