By Dr. Romney Ruder, Lifeline President

“Some experiences in life are so painful, they cause deep and lasting suffering. That suffering is what we call, “trauma.” -American Bible Society

Dr. Romney Ruder

Lifeline Global Ministries in partnership with World Impact would like to invite you to attend an online training event about trauma healing. This training originated with the American Bible Society.

During this 3-day interactive online workshop,  September 27 to 29 (1:00 pm-5:00 pm Central time), you will get an opportunity to learn how to recognize the signs of trauma in those around you. 

Certainly, within the inmate population you minister to, you’ve seen those who are lost and broken. The traumatic experiences that might have contributed to putting them behind bars, causes a deep wound of the heart and mind. It can take years to heal. 

While this workshop is not designed to diagnose or treat trauma, it can be a huge help in understanding the issues. It will also point you to next steps, for those who want more formal training.

Click HERE to learn what topics are covered in the workshop. 

As a friend of Lifeline Global, we want you to have the opportunity to sign up for this free training. The only cost to you will be the book, Healing the Wounds of Trauma, written by Harriet Hill, Margaret Hill, Richard Bagge and Pat Miersma. Healing the Wounds of Trauma is available on Amazon. TO register, click the button, below.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at or call 316.425.9096.