Open Prison Doors on #GivingTuesdayNow!

"Doing Time"

Today's highlight video:

Alex and Tony are about as opposite as can be in the world of prison ministry. One was a six-time repeat offender and the other Deputy Chief of the largest county jail system in the US.

One was skeptical about inmate programming for felons. The other longed for a way out of the cycle of incarceration he found himself in. And today both are brothers in Christ.

Change is hard, and it doesn’t often leave us with time to prepare. While these unforeseen circumstances may not get easier, we will get stronger.

But during this “downtime” we at Lifeline Global are looking to renew our strength, to build a stronger foundation, to move from reaction to preparation.

So we are asking you to not only help us survive but to thrive. Not just to return to our prisons but to have new doors open to new correctional facilities here in the US and abroad.

Your gift of just $10 will help us get back into the prisons and open new doors to:

-More Malachi Dads & Hannah Gift classes

-More books for the men & women

-More opportunities for family restoration

-to reach beyond our borders

-to glorify Christ “inside the wire”

During the GivingTuesdayNow campaign, you will hear of many needs and giving opportunities. You already know about Lifeline Global. And you appreciate hearing when incarcerated moms & dads take those newly restored steps toward family reconciliation. 

Would you join us today and help us get back into prison stronger and even better prepared to help more incarcerated moms and dads take those steps toward family restoration? 

Watch and listen to some of our Lifeline stories and join us today.

Why invest in a Malachi Dad?

Check out these three short videos where these inmate dads talk about their vision for what Malachi Dads means to them. A dad, a disciple maker, and a multi-generation visionary.

"I wasn't a good mom."

Because Jesus is everything to her now, she has experienced reconciliation with her children. Four incarcerated moms in this short 2-minute video have all experienced the family restoration that can take place through the Hannah’s Gift experience and the transformation of life with Christ.

A Few Short Messages From Our Board Members