A community of women bringing restoration

Equipping women to live out their biblical responsibilities as mothers

A mother’s love is restorative. It’s an irreplaceable gift to a child. Hannah’s Gift is more than a Bible study or prison ministry. It’s a flourishing community of women who are learning to have healthy relationships with their children, and to parent from a distance.

Most importantly, it’s a community of women who are living out a vision for what God could do in and through their families.

Learning how to parent from a distance is a desperately-needed gift. 

Mothers are often the primary caregivers for their children, and her absence due to incarceration creates a significant loss. 

The program takes its name from 1 Samuel 1-3 in the Bible. Hannah did not raise her son in the traditional sense – dedicating him to God and a life away from her in the priesthood, she did provide her son with a solid foundation of faith, shaping the person he became.

Hannah’s Gift works to bring restoration, teaching incarcerated women to be godly mothers – regardless of their circumstances – and build a legacy of faith.

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Program Curriculum

  • 10-12 weekly two-hour meetings for one discipleship semester
  • Homework between meetings: reading, curriculum work, writing to children, prayer
  • Small group-type setting for discussion
Family Restoration


  • Biblically presenting God and his plan for each mother
  • Showing mothers how to follow Christ and grow with Christ 
  • Teaching mothers how to develop godly habits like: accountability, prayer, Bible study, and Scripture memorization 
  • Practical, Biblical advice for life, marriage, and parenting
  • Reconciliation with their children
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Participant Requirements

  • Monthly letters to each child
  • Weekly meeting attendance bringing their Hannah’s Gift book and Bible with them
  • Homework and individual/group work
  • Weekly church attendance
  • Keeping a record of their weekly Bible reading
  • Memorizing weekly Bible verses

The Heart of a Mother

Our curriculum is now available in video format, to go into prisons where the pandemic may otherwise prevent our volunteers and partners from entering. The book, Heart of a Mother is available for download below in HD MP4 format. You will need to use the form below to sign up in order to download the video to your computer. 

The first lesson starts with a self-examination. Each mom needs to examine herself and understand her need for a Savior. Before becoming an agent of change for her children, she must first examine her own transformation.

Video Curriculum

Heart of a Mother – Lesson 1 Preview

Family Restoration – Lesson 1 Preview

TO WATCH OR DOWNLOAD the entire curriculum series, please click here to request access.