“For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building.” – 1 Corinthians 3:9

Hello friends,

If you were to walk into a prison, you would soon learn that there are incarcerated men and women from all kinds of faith backgrounds – or with no faith at all. Although our Lifeline curriculum is intentionally biblical, we do not require any prerequisites to take our classes. You may have in your class an atheist, agnostic, or even a seasoned Christian.

To teach Malachi Dads or Hannah’s Gift, one does not need a teaching certificate or a doctorate in systematic theology. The curriculum is set up to easily open to page 1 and begin reading the text. 

Leah Howard, a volunteer facilitator in the Midwest, says, “Hannah’s Gift is so easy to teach. It is so simple yet deep and relationship-building. Everything you need to know is in the book. Every lesson is mapped out for the days that you go in.”

Yet, the training offers flexibility for those that want to go deeper, drawing from their personal experiences and training, or to adjust the curriculum to fit the facility.

 Your partnership is essential to the success of Lifeline Global. Our approach is to be “A Tool on Your Ministries Toolbelt.”  The local church and local ministries are crucial in the launch and facilitation of our Lifeline programs. Without people like you and the volunteers you bring, we would not have the sustainability and financial support needed to drive this ministry forward.

This season, we are taking extra time to prayerfully remember all our partners who, without this ministry, would not exist.

If you are hearing God’s call to become a ministry partner, please click here.

In His Name,

Dr. Romney Ruder

Lifeline Global President