Hello friends,

I was recently participating in a Malachi Dads class on the Heart of a Father. The discussion focused on the comparison of Joseph’s response to Potiphar’s wife and David’s response to seeing Bathsheba. 

I was impressed with the group of 20 inmate students who wanted to dig deeper into these verses and provide application of the learning to their own lives. The conversation went deep, and the comments were rich. As we neared the time of dismissal, I could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in our group. We took a pause and talked about restoration in Christ. The evening wrapped with four men making a decision to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior! What a blessing it was for me to witness this and how awesome it was to add to the Kingdom ranks!

Lifeline Global has witnessed stories like these around the country. God might be using the summer heat to act as an incubator for growth! What is normally a lull during the summer season is instead a jump in graduation events. We are reaching more men and women than ever before.

Certainly, our growth has been spurred on by the Holy Spirit. But it has been the generosity of our donors that has allowed us to provide curriculum to these swells. This past month, we have begun a statewide launch in Arizona, which is a new state for us. We also launched Hannah’s Gift programs in the province of Alberta, Canada. This is miraculous as we have not had a Lifeline Global class in Canada since COVID.

There is a direct correlation between the additional dollars you have given to raise and the ability to reach more and more incarcerated men and women. Friends, we have open windows from the State Department of Corrections in multiple states that we need to take advantage of. Please consider sharing our ministry with your small groups and bible studies, and let us know if we can provide any info to help you reach additional supporters.

If you are hearing God’s call to support our organization, please click here.

In His Name,

Dr. Romney Ruder

Lifeline Global President

Incarcerated man raising his arms in prayer.