During advent, I love the imagery Isaiah uses when prophesizing about the coming of the Savior: Immanuel. His picture speaks to a barren land where there was once a thriving forest. Yet out of the stump springs a new shoot from the root of Jesse. God kept His promises to restore His people. Only He could take a wasteland and spark renewal.

This same symbolism can be applied to the ministry of Lifeline Global. God takes the criminals of society, the forgotten, the imprisoned, presumed to be “barren” in their ability to contribute, and uses these men and women to manifest change in their families and communities. What we assume to be lost, God causes a spark of new growth.

Your support helps us reach more and more, which in turn, provides a bigger reflection of God’s redemptive work. As we reach the end of the calendar year, we are praying for an additional $80,000 to help us meet some shortfalls from the year. Please prayerfully consider helping us “finish strong.” We want to thank you in advance for all your prayers as we expect to hear stories of redemption and family restoration in 2023.

In His Name,

Dr. Romney Ruder

Lifeline Global President