Incarcerated man raising up his arm in prayer and praise


I am so excited to report that we have begun uploading our video content and curriculum on the Pando app as a part of our expansion project this summer, GIVE TO GROW.

In our first ten days on the app, we have been visited by over 15,000 incarcerated men! This is not a typo. We give all the glory to God as these numbers are so far beyond our expectations.

It is a testimony to the hunger that men have to engage/re-engage their families. What an impact these first ten days have had.

We are raising funds to reach our goal but I wanted to share with you the positive Return on Investment your support is having. In addition to this online growth, we have shipped over 1,000 more books in the first five months of the year than we did last year. Praise God for this growth! Hopefully, we are only scratching the surface. We still hope to get our Spanish videos out to facilities later this summer.

I know you don’t want to broadcast where your dollars are going, but I sure hope that in the excitement of what is happening, you will share with your Pastor and Missions Director all that God is doing behind the walls of Prisons and Jails!

Thanks for all your prayers and support!

In His Name,
Dr. Romney Ruder