Dear Friends,

 I am always amazed at the outpouring of support for our ministry. I recognize the call we have as Christians to reach the imprisoned, but your willingness to volunteer, pray, and provide financial support is truly amazing.

 I wanted to remind all of our supporters that Lifeline Global utilizes a “One Pot” method for most of our donations. What we mean by this is that most funds donated to Lifeline Global are deposited into our general account. We do this to minimize the accounting and receipting process. More importantly, we do this to allow our Board and Team to apply funds where best needed.

 Our staff compensation, book sales, travel expenses, curriculum updates, etc., are all paid from the general fund. Often, we receive funds that indicate where the donor would like the funds donated. Our process is to ensure that the project indicated is not underfunded, but still will deposit funds and pay for the project out of the general fund.

 We do our best to maintain transparency and accountability. As you know we subscribe to the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability and maintain a platinum status from Charity Navigator. In addition, we continue to utilize an accounting firm for all of our accounts payable and receivable, along with our monthly financial reporting. 

Our monthly financials are then reviewed by our Board President and Treasurer. We do not have to do all these things, but want to provide our supporters with the confidence that we are being good stewards.

Thanks for all your support in making this ministry what it is! 

In His Name,

Dr. Romney Ruder