Well, I do not want to get ahead of ourselves and say that our schedule is the same as pre-Covid, but we are certainly excited about all the activity that is taking place.
While many of our Program Partners remain on the sidelines for a variety of reasons, some partners are using this time to accelerate their local ministries, and our partners in Georgia, Florida, and Washington continue to add to the size and depth of the number of facilities and/or inmates that they serve.
Likewise, our statewide programs continue to gain traction. In fact, we recently had one facility chaplain who requested 300 copies of Heart of a Man (Part 2) for men enrolled at his facility.
I am excited to report that we just celebrated graduations for both men and women in Louisiana for Malachi Dads and Hannah’s Gift. I was so disappointed that canceled and delayed flights prevented me from taking part in the ceremonies. But I am so proud of the perseverance and leadership at these locations that they continue to strive forward in their training despite setbacks. I hope to celebrate graduation at Hunt Correctional (Louisiana) in November.
LGM will be participating in our first conference with the International Federation of Chaplains in the coming weeks. We are eager to develop relationships with a wider group of men and women who can utilize our tools for their respective locations. Additionally, our Program Partner in the Dominican Republic (Project Manana) will once again be hosting their Returning Hearts Celebration in the Santiago area. We have a team going down, and we are always amazed by the amount of transformation that results from the Malachi Dads and Hannah’s Gift programs.
Finally, if you haven’t heard, Lifeline is sponsoring a Returning Hearts Celebration for Malachi Dad graduates at Parchman Prison in Central Mississippi. This event is scheduled for late October. We prayerfully request that you consider joining us for this event.
With all this activity, combined with Lifeline Global’s commitment to moving our curriculum to e-readers, we have had a shortfall of approximately $35,000 coming into our new fiscal year. As you can imagine, the same accelerated costs that we are all experiencing this year are impacting our expenses as well. If you have the ability, we would prayerfully ask that you consider providing an additional financial gift to Lifeline Global Ministries.
We are so thankful for your support, especially your prayer support. Please keep us in your prayers.
In His Name,