Malachi Dads Graduates from California Prisons

Dear Friends,

Our California State Director, John Reed, shared with us blessed Malachi Dads graduations at three California facilities. Each was a bit different, but all were so very encouraging and Christ-honoring:

  • A graduation held completely online due to the location of the prison. A team of Lifeline Global staff and volunteers hosted a weekly Malachi Dads class. Though this isn’t the normal way to run this program, God was so good to allow some significant moments throughout the class. The men who participated were very active and took this class very seriously, even though it was taught in a different format. The testimonies they gave during the graduation ceremony spoke to their gratitude for having the class and how they each learned so much about being a better father and man. Another class has just started online at this far-off facility with even more men in attendance.
  • The next graduation was a first for this facility. Ten men finished the class and earned the first book certificate despite lockdowns, causing all programs to stop for three weeks. Once graduation was allowed, the men were so thankful and excited to receive their certificates. This facility will begin the next cycle of classes very soon, with even more men attending. 
  • The last graduation led us to the Central Valley of California out in the middle of nowhere. Because of this isolation, few programs had been offered to the men. Yet we found a chaplain in this prison of kindred spirits who desired to see men come to saving faith in Jesus Christ and to be godly fathers and husbands. Once he heard about the Malachi Dads program, he wasted no time starting a new class with about 20 men. It was such a joy to participate with this class in their graduations. They sang, gave testimonies, participated in bible readings, and enjoyed fellowship. They were so excited to receive their certificates and spoke highly of the class and what was learned. The chaplain will offer the Malachi Dads class at another prison yard, and the recent graduates will continue with the next Malachi Dads book. 

Though unique and different, each of these graduations has a similar core. There is thankfulness for the class, the lessons learned, and the opportunities to build relationships with each other. God is at work within the prisons of California!

Please prayerfully discern how you can spread God’s saving grace. Consider an extraordinary year-end gift to transform and restore more of our incarcerated fathers and mothers. 

In His Name, 

Dr. Romney Ruder