My attention was caught recently by an intriguing title from a formerly-incarcerated author.

“Paganism on Parole” by Awyn Dawn is the story of a deepening faith as the result of incarceration.

Sadly, it is the story of a deepening faith in a version of Wiccan.

The religious group that reached her behind the walls taught her about paganism and the mysticism of the occult. According to her, paganism was one of the fastest-growing religions in her facility.

This was a wake-up call to me – and hopefully to the Christian church – about the missed opportunities of reaching the lost behind bars.

Ms. Dawn reflects that there are few religious organizations willing to teach them how to best utilize the one commodity inmates have: time.

Our Hannah’s Gift program for women’s facilities is designed to reach people just like this. It grounds students in faith, provides hope in reminding them that they are wonderfully made, offers atonement through the work of Christ, and sparks discipleship by engaging moms and others to greater investment in their families.

We have some dynamic Hannah’s Gift programs being offered around the country. But unfortunately, we are just scratching the surface. Your prayers and support not only help transform the lives of thousands of women who become Hannah Gift graduates but also help curb the spread of movements like the one Ms. Dawn talks about.

With God’s help, let’s work to not waste opportunities or time.

In His Name,


Hannah's Gift