Lifeline Global group of men praying


Lifeline Global has been a long-time participant in the Correctional Ministry and Chaplains Association (CMCA), which is a group of like-minded people and ministries who collaborate on best practices, system changes and try to help each other minister to the least of these. 

I recently had an advisory board meeting with other faith-based leaders who help manage the organization.

Much of our discussion revolved around how the Christians of today felt about ministry to the incarcerated. 

While our own interest fueled the discussion, I was curious about the correlation between new information coming from Barna Research’s latest paper on the American Worldview and our own perceptions. It was interesting to hear from different ministry leaders about their partners and donors and their observations.

It is with this same spirit that I wanted to see if we might get an opportunity to hear from you. I am posting a few questions that I hope you might answer. 

Please note that your comments will be kept 100% anonymous and confidential. We will use your feedback for our own edification. And your comments may also inspire others to spur support for our incarcerated fathers and mothers. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with your valuable insights!

In His Name,

Dr. Romney Ruder
Lifeline Global President