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To fulfill the mission and vision of Lifeline Global it is essential that we Partner with local Churches, Ministries, and Chaplains, with help in Facilitating our programs and curriculum. Our staff intentionally stays small so we are forced to rely on these organizations for assistance. Ultimately, we aim to be a “Tool” on the toolbelt of Partners. To enhance this relationship, we solidified the partnership by creating Program Partners; a no-cost, shared understanding of how Lifeline can assist the growth of Partner ministries.

By becoming a Program Partner, we set a foundation for ministry growth in specific institutions around the globe. This is LGM’s effort to provide a win/win relationship, where we aim to provide client-centered service and allowing our Program Partners to focus on Discipleship, Training, and Sustainability.

One way we accomplish this is by providing the lowest cost of materials to our Program Partners. We understand that ministry behind bars is hard enough. LGM sells all of our materials at cost, while our Program Partners receive the benefit of a lower price as we pass along our publishers discount.

Secondly, Program Partner graduates who complete all four book lessons are provided a Life Essentials Study Bible from Dr. Gene Getz. These gifts from Gene Getz ministries are a wonderful benefit to a student's walk through scripture. 

In addition to savings, we provide hands-on training; verbally, electronically; or in person if needed. We undergird our training with continual professional development webinars and online training. We pass along ministry updates and institutional “best practices”. We make an effort to provide attendance at student graduations and remain available for ongoing questions or concerns. 

What we ask for in return is that our Program Partners provide us with quarterly updates as to what classes are being taught, the number of students enrolled and the number of students completed. We aggregate this data and share this information with both our Program Partners and Financial Partners, as metrics applied to our Strategic Goals.

We also ask for feedback on what is working and what isn’t. We ask for your prayer requests and success stories, and any future graduation dates. This information we use to help gather volunteers and support by posting on our site. We also utilize this information to develop new additions to help in ministry.

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After completing all lesson books, inmate students will graduate with a certificate of completion and a Life Essentials Study Bible by Dr. Gene Getz.

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Willow Creek Community Church is a Lifeline Global Program Partner. Their active involvement with prison ministries is well known, so we were able to share their Prison Pack Holiday Initiative with many of you and how your church can do a similar outreach.

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