Program Partner Testimonies

Jeff and Suzan Rupp - Florida

Jeff and Suzan Rupp were just "clowning around" as volunteers at Angola Prison's Returning Hearts Celebration. Once they saw the impact of the Malachi Dads program on the men there, God started nudging their hearts to see what they could do in their home state of Florida.

After moving to Florida, they found themselves not too far from a women's prison. “Someday we would like to have a Returning Hearts Celebration--maybe a modified version of it, but we thought a Hannah’s Gift program would be a good way to build relationships with the prison."

“Our goal has always been to reach children with the gospel” says Suzan. Hannah’s Gift allowed the Rupps to reach those children through their mothers; equipping those moms to take steps toward reconciliation and be the mothers God intended them to be.

They began in one prison then two, partnering with Lifeline Global and adding Malachi Dads. Corrections officials in the state began to notice the change in their inmates.

In a recent letter to inmates, Florida Secretary of Corrections Mark Inch wrote:

“I saw that many of the programs we and our volunteers do offer (for example, Malachi Dads, Veterans dorms, GED prep…) have had an impact on your lives, and have been missed during this pandemic. The call for more programming is resounding, and I hear you.”

The Rupps are now training volunteers and inmate facilitators to work in seven prisons and more requests are still coming in.

As a Ministry Program Partner, the Rupps and their Kids Heart Ministry are receiving program startup funds through the Lifeline Endowment. Check with us for more details.