Lifeline Global Training Guide

We are so excited that you are pursuing the launch of a Malachi Dads or Hannah’s Gift program. God is challenging all of us to take a look at the epidemic of generational incarceration and ask the question “What if...?”

What if the church approached imprisoned men and women from an opportunity for discipleship? What if through this discipleship, men and women who were thought to be lost forever were transformed by the Holy Spirit?

What if these transformed disciples were to fully engage their roles as Christian mothers and fathers? What if the next revival in the Christian church were to come from behind bars?

Sound impossible? In our world it is. But from a Savior who could hold the sun in place, multiply food and raise the dead, it is nothing. Your willingness to join us is helping to build the discussion of “what if....”

Do we have enough faith that it could happen? Let me assure you that it is already happening... around the globe.

Your work is pushing a movement, giving God the room to maneuver, and transforming the trajectory of families and communities. We are excited you are here.

In His Name,

Dr. Romney Ruder
President of Lifeline Global Ministries

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"The Hannah’s Gift volunteers didn’t hate or judge me, they embraced me." -Lacey

Inside the Guide

  • Lifeline Global’s Story
  • Our Biblical Mandate
  • The Need for Transformation and Reconciliation
  • Battling the Cycle of Incarceration
  • Results and Lifeline Global Ministries Growth
  • Lifeline Global Curriculum Resources
  • Malachi Dads and Hannah’s Gift Planning Steps
  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Our Commitment to You

Using the Gospel Wheel

Your Training Guide mentions the use of the Gospel Wheel as a tool to assist you in sharing the gospel.  Our friends at Awana have povided a great video explaining how to use it. Usng the link below, you can instantly download a PDF versions of the Gospel Wheel in both English and Spanish.

Lacey's Story

"Nothing about my life seemed redeemable. People in prison I didn’t even know hated me for the crime I committed and I didn’t blame them, I hated myself, too.”

Her name is Lacey. She started attending a Hannah’s Gift class last September through the volunteer efforts of our Ministry Partners in Colorado, serving at the La Vista Correctional Facility. She is serving a ten-year sentence for child abuse and neglect.

“I walked around with my head toward the ground and spoke very little to other inmates. I didn’t feel I deserved to breathe the same air as other people.

I got into the Hannah’s Gift class and began to feel like the dark cloud that was over my life was beginning to lift. I felt loved and accepted, a feeling I had never felt before. The Hannah’s Gift volunteers didn’t hate or judge me, they embraced me. I still didn’t think I deserved forgiveness but I began to pray that God would forgive me and use me to bring glory to the Kingdom of God.

The sense of freedom and joy that I feel now is unexplainable. I feel like I can breathe again. I no longer feel sad, ashamed, or depressed anymore because I know that God forgives me.”

Lacey’s head is held high now and she is on a mission to share the love of Christ throughout the prison. She carries her Bible with her whenever she can and sits at different tables at each meal so she can share her testimony. She will likely be released sometime in the next 12 months. Her desire is to go to Bible College or Seminary and to become involved in prison ministry. Lacey’s relationship with her mother is rocky, at best, but the Lord is doing a work of restoration. Her prayer is that the Lord will reunite her with her son someday.

All glory to our good God!

Alicia Reeves
Hannah’s Gift at La Vista Correctional Facility
A ministry of the women of Front Range Alliance Church, Colorado Springs

UPDATE: Lacey was released late in 2019 and now lives in Colorado.