Invest your time and talent in bringing restoration

Returning Hearts Celebration Event

It may seem like just a carnival, a day of fun, games, and celebration, but it’s also a day of reconciliation and restoration for families. It’s a day where inmate fathers, mothers, can reunite and be real parents to their children. Amid all of the fun of the day, parents have a chance to ask their children’s forgiveness and invite them to know the love and salvation available to them by accepting Christ. It can be the catalyst that heals a family and breaks not only the cycle of sin but what can be a generational cycle of incarceration.  

All of that requires an army of volunteers to pull off. At least 500 are needed each year to make it happen. 


There are many ways your church can help our ministry through donations, or through programs like our Prison Pack Events.  Incarcerated men and women need to know there is a community of faith outside of prison that is there for them and that they are not alone.  Click below to find out how your church can help.


Lives are changed through prayer

This work is ultimately supported by prayer. Will you join us in praying for incarcerated mothers and fathers? Here are a few ways you can pray:

  • Ask that God would provide for the work of this ministry through the gifts of financial supporters.
  • Pray that opportunities for access to correctional facilities around the world would continue to open up.
  • Pray for incarcerated mothers and fathers to be strengthened in their faith. Ask that they would stand firm and be a compelling witness for the Gospel.
  • Pray for the children of incarcerated parents. Ask that they would be impacted by the faith of their incarcerated parent and would come to accept the Gospel in their own lives.
  • Pray for recently released mothers and fathers. Pray they would stand firm in their faith as they reenter outside life.
  • Pray for family restoration as the impact of transformation through the Gospel spreads.

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