Hannah's Gift


Hannah's Gift teaches incarcerated mothers to foster a healthy relationship with her child.

Most mothers are the primary caregiver of the home and their absence due to incarceration has a great impact on the stability of their children. The life of Hannah and her son as told in 1 Samuel 1-3 serves as a model for this program. Though Hannah did not raise her son in the traditional sense, her role in his life surely shaped the person he became. Despite parenting from a distance, Hannah gave her child a legacy of faith.

In 2012, Hannah's Gift was launched at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women to provide ministry geared toward incarcerated mothers. Similar to Lifeline Global Ministries' Malachi Dads, Hannah's Gift is becoming a thriving ministry bearing much fruit in the lives of incarcerated moms and their children.


As a Hannah's Gift mom, I acknowledge that my children are a gift from God. I take hold of the call and responsibility as a mother and I seek God's guidance on how to best parent my child. I am growing into a wise and strong woman of faith, and my greatest desire is to leave behind a spiritual legacy carried on by my children to their children. May my family prove to be a tower of strength built on the firm foundation I am laying in the power of Christ.




The very first Hannah's Gift video will give you a good overview of the foundations on which the curriculum was built, and the women to who inspired it's development. Filmed at LCIW, the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women.

BELOW, Leah Howard explains how easy it is for volunteers to teach Hannah's Gift, and the benefit volunteers gain from interacting with incarcerated moms.

The Heart of a Mother

  • A 12-week study designed for women's prison ministry.
  • Topics include the story of Hannah and her son as told in the first two chapters of 1 Samuel in the Old Testament and offers mothers the opportunity learn how to parent from a distance and give a legacy of faith to their children.
  • Available in Spanish

Family Restoration

  • This 10-lesson study gives incarcerated mothers biblical steps to building healthy family relationships.
  • Topics include healthy communication, authority, and promise of restoration, all from God's Word.

Psalm 23

  • A 6-week study
  • Topics include dealing with being alone, left out or facing a dead end and the reader will learn how to see the Lord as our Shepherd, our Peace, Provider, and our Healer.

Beautiful Woman

  • The most recent addition to the Hannah’s Gift series.

  • Written from the context of deep involvement in the lives of incarcerated women.
  • Addresses the issue of pain specific to a mother’s incarceration.

All books can be ordered via the Curriculum tab.



  • 10-12 weekly two-hour meetings for 1 discipleship semester
  • Homework between meetings: reading, curriculum work, writing to children, prayer
  • Small group-type setting for discussion

To order any of the Hannah's Gift curriculum, please click on the curriculum link, in the top navigation.



  • To biblically present God and His plan for each individual
  • To show how a person becomes a follower of Jesus Christ
  • To demonstrate how to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ
  • To give practice in developing godly habits: Bible study, prayer, Scripture memory, accountability
  • To work towards reconciliation with their children
  • To provide practical, biblical advice for life, marriage, and parenting


  • Attend weekly meetings
  • Do individual/group work and homework
  • Write to each child once a month
  • Bring Hannah's Gift book and Bible to each meeting
  • Attend a church service weekly at their local facility
  • Keep a weekly Bible reading record (part of homework)
  • Memorize weekly Bible verses

Beautiful Woman, is the most recent addition to the Hannah’s Gift series, by Dr. Kristi Miller Anderson.

Written from the context of Dr. Anderson's deep involvement in the lives of incarcerated women, both as a chaplain and later, an Assistant Warden, she has earned a high level of respect by the women of LCIW (Louisiana Correctional Institution for Women).

The first two books, Hannah’s Gift and Family Restoration, address the issue of pain specific to a mother’s incarceration and gives guidance to overcome the trauma the family has experienced and provides hope that a full restoration is possible.

This latest book, Beautiful Woman, identifies key struggles that trip women up and cause them to forfeit their happiness and joy. These common rules of life employed by women, which typically lead to chaos and defeat, is what Kristi saw as the number one setback for women reentering society after a prison sentence.

The 10 lessons are designed to help women find their place as Beautiful Women in this world and stand strongly and confidently in their space. These principles are not just for incarcerated women but for any woman who has experienced family trauma.

The Hannah’s Gift series is published by Lifeline Global Ministries (formally Awana Lifeline) and is taught in jails and prisons throughout the country and in 16 foreign countries.

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Women In Prison, A Webinar Event

Betty's Story, right, is excerpted from the webinar video and is 17 min. Betty Ballard is a soft-spoken but outspoken advocate of the Hannah's Gift program. Betty was one of the first incarcerated mothers to go through the program while serving a 15-year sentence at LCIW (Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women). Click on the video to the right to play, or click here to DOWNLOAD the video.

THE OCT 29 WEBINAR replay is here.

Dr. Kristi Miller Anderson, author of the Hannah's Gift series, takes a deeper look into the reasons behind mass incarceration of women and the unique challenges women face while incarcerated. (1 hr. 10 min.)