Malachi Dads


Malachi Dads where fathers develop community and learn to live up to their biblical responsibility as a father.

Millions of children nationwide are growing up without fathers for a variety of circumstances — imprisonment, abandonment, vacancy.

Malachi Dads is tackling this epidemic by challenging and teaching incarcerated men how to be godly fathers, equipping them to spiritually train their children regardless of their circumstances and intentionally build a legacy of faith in Christ.


As a Malachi Dad, I solemnly pledge to glorify God and build His kingdom by prioritizing the raising of godly children, first in my family, and then in the influencing of other men to do the same in theirs. I firmly believe that my transformed life in Christ, my life of integrity, the pursuit of the vision, and the pursuit of godly character, will allow me to impact my children, family, and others toward this end. I will practice a life of daily discipline and dependence on God through prayer and the study of God’s Word, for the wisdom in how to "nurture my children in the admonition of the Lord." I will pursue this endeavor for a lifetime, whether my children are in my home or not. Finally, I believe that my end goal is not only for my children to walk with the Lord, but that this God-given vision would impact multi-generations to come. So help me God.

Hear-Six Week Study


This six-week curriculum is designed specifically for short-term incarcerated men in jail and provides practical biblical advice for life, marriage, and parenting. Your jail ministry will find this short course helpful for fathers in the most broken stages of life as it shows men how to take steps towards family reconciliation. Order it here, from Amazon.

The Heart of a Father

  • A 12-week curriculum, recommended as the first book to study
  • Topics include practical biblical advice for life, marriage and parenting
  • A new six-week addition is available. 

The Heart of a Man (Part One)

  • This 12-week study teaches incarcerated fathers how they can have a heart that pleases God, regardless of their past sins.
  • Topics cover trustworthiness, temptation, and purity, prayer and more.

The Heart of a Man (Part Two)

  • A 12-week study that continues The Heart of a Man study.
  • Topics cover how to develop a godly character, be godly examples in their families and communities and integrity in their walk with God.

Malachi Dads Family Restoration

  • A 10-week study that is based on the book of Jeremiah.
  • Topics include learning about healthy communication, authority, and the promise of restoration.

Psalm 1, The Blessed Man

  • A three to six-week study on Psalm 1, written by inmates in the Malachi Dads program who have been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The study includes characteristics of a godly man found in the six verses of Psalm 1. Chapters include explanations of each verse, review questions with space to write and homework to help readers live out the lesson. Men from the Malachi Dads program also share their personal testimonies throughout the book.
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  • 10-12 weekly two-hour meetings for 1 discipleship semester
  • Homework between meetings: reading, curriculum work, writing to children, prayer
  • Small group-type setting for discussion
  • Several books are available in Spanish

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  • To biblically present God and His plan for each individual
  • To show how a person becomes a follower of Jesus Christ
  • To demonstrate how to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ
  • To give practice in developing godly habits: Bible study, prayer, Scripture memory, accountability
  • To work towards reconciliation with their children
  • To provide practical, biblical advice for life, marriage, and parenting


  • Attend weekly meetings
  • Do individual/group work and homework
  • Write to each child once a month
  • Bring Malachi Dad book and Bible to each meeting
  • Attend a church service weekly at their local facility
  • Keep a weekly Bible reading record (part of homework)
  • Memorize weekly Bible verses