Hello Friends,

Summer typically is a time that we witness some slowdown. I am not sure if it is the heat or is due to facility vacation schedules, but the months of June through August generally give us a little breathing room before we take off again in September.

Well, I don’t know what typical is anymore, as we are rocking and rolling right thru June and into July. This is a great problem to have as our staff and partners know we will have plenty of time to rest in heaven.

Our additional fundraising campaign was a great success as we exceeded our goal, and many of you helped bring in over $63,000! The good news is that it will help us reach the over 2,000 additional inmates we expect to reach this year.

We have Returning Hearts Celebration and graduation events coming up in Louisiana and Mississippi. We are also praying to take part in other events in Arkansas and Oregon this next month.

What is exciting is that we are beginning to gain traction in many county jails and ask for prayer as we expand into another facility in Kansas. We also need prayer for the state of Arizona as we dialogue with leaders there about a launch.

Friends, our work – and I do mean “our work” – continues to manifest change among families of the incarcerated. I stress “our” because, without you, we wouldn’t achieve what we have.

We would love the opportunity to share with your church, social groups, or other community that you may be a part of about the work you support. Please let us know how we can help.

Thanks again for all your financial support and prayers.

In His Name,

Dr. Romney Ruder

Lifeline Global President